Malaysian Health Economic Association is an association among personnel from Ministry of Health and Universities who are interested in health economic.


To be a fully regional, educational and scientific group that fosters excellence in the core disciplines of health economics and outcomes research and the use of this research information in health care decisions at all levels.


To promote the science of health economics and outcomes research (the scientific discipline that evaluates the effect of health care interventions on patient well-being including clinical outcomes, economic evaluation, and patient-reported outcomes) and facilitates the translation of this research into useful information for healthcare decision-makers to ensure that society allocates scarce health care resources wisely, fairly and efficiently.



To embrace health care researchers from all disciplines conducting economic evaluation. These disciplines include health economics, epidemiology, decision analysis, modeling, risk assessment, patient-reported outcomes (quality of life), use of ‘real world’ data such as health care database analyses, observational studies, patient registries. Health care includes use of pharmaceuticals, biologics, genetically-derived products, medical devices, delivery systems, and health services.



  1. To promote scientifically sound health economics research and its application in health.
  2. To introduce and expand medical educational activities in the field of health economics for, medical officer, nurses and all support staff who are involved and has interest in health economics.
  3. To organize seminars, courses, conferences and other events pertaining to management practice and health policy.
  4. To conduct studies and research in the field of health economics.
  5. To provide methodological expertise and research infrastructure to support such research
  6. To provide opportunities for collaborative research which act as a forum to share experiences and research findings
  7. To disseminate research findings, translate and incorporate research findings into management practice and health policy.
  8. To be an international excellence center for health economics education, training, consultancy and innovations.
  9. To prepare and publish scientific papers, journals and other publications, with prior approval from relevant authority concerned



  1. To become resource experts in regional and internal health economics activities.
  2. To organise workshops, seminars and conferences in health economics and related fields at national and intenational level.
  3. To become excellence centers in health economics research and related fields with national and international networking.
  4. To be an incubator center for health economics innovation.
  5. To coordinate networking among health economist in the region.
  6. To be centre of excellence in health economic education and training.
  7. To provide expertise and consultation on health economic to interested parties.
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