1. To promote scientifically sound health economics research and its application in health.
  2. To introduce and expand medical educational activities in the field of health economics for, medical officer, nurses and all support staff who are involved and has interest in health economics.
  3. To organize seminars, courses, conferences and other events pertaining to management practice and health policy.
  4. To conduct studies and research in the field of health economics.
  5. To provide methodological expertise and research infrastructure to support such research
  6. To provide opportunities for collaborative research which act as a forum to share experiences and research findings
  7. To disseminate research findings, translate and incorporate research findings into management practice and health policy.
  8. To be an international excellence center for health economics education, training, consultancy and innovations.
  9. To prepare and publish scientific papers, journals and other publications, with prior approval from relevant authority concerned
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